The ETRE FORT All Black Crewneck is almost just that (other than a microscopic splash of white).

On top of that, the sweatshirt meets and exceeds the high-quality standards you expect from EF. It’s warm, comfortable, and made to last.

ETRE-FORT partnered with Reimei AG to bring you the TRACEability line, part of the new EF collection that is 100% organic cotton, fair production, ecological fashion, CO2 nuetral textiles, and transparency through the whole production process.

The transparency of the production and learning a little about the people that made my specific sweatshirt is what I found most interesting. From the cotton farmer, Mr. Seni, in Tanzania; to the spinner, Mr. Amar (shift worker), in India, then all the way to the producer, Bronė (seamstress), in Lithuania, to my sponsors at ETRE-FORT, and then all the way to the United States. This sweatshirt had come a long way.

The only downside is the premium price tag at €70.00 ($74 USD). However, I’m not only am I happy with the final product, but also by the process in which it was produced, and knowing that process is sustainable. Well worth the money if you can swing it.










  • Light yet warm material
  • Minimal design and style
  • Discreet pockets
  • Headphone hole
  • Sustainable production
  • Use as a decent pillow


  • Premium price
  • Not suitable for hot weather

You can never really go wrong with all black and this crewneck does it right. The design is, of course, all black other than a little spot of white sporting the EF logo on the neck. The EF logo is embroidered both on front and back, using black thread of course. The design is minimalistic, simplistic, casual and classy all stitched into the same almost all black crewneck. I would have no problem wearing it during just about any occasion, as I essentially already have. Did I mention this guy is mega comfy? It is made from 100% organic cotton meaning you know this shit feels like a pillow, and since it feels like a pillow, it makes for a good pillow on the go. I took mine off during my flight to Mexico, and boom, nap time. Was out training, took that shit off, slept on a ledge. Pillow.

At first glance, it looks relatively heavy, however, it is thin and light, yet quite warm. Although decently light, you wouldn’t find me rocking this guy in Rajasthan, India. It spots two embedded zipper pockets, which are hardly noticeable, being that they are also black. So when some shlukey fiend approaches, asking for your wallet as you’re training in your favorite local sketch spot, you may be able to slide with the, “I’ve got nothing on me,” by showing your pant pockets before running off. Or you know, things won’t fall out of your pockets every 30 seconds. I also was happily surprised when I found the headphone hole in the right pocket. The headphone hole combined with the interior stash pocket, granted you aren’t stashing other things there (more cordless option), or right zipper pocket on the EF-OT pants creates a disruption-free solution for listening to your favorite music while on the move. And when I say disruption, I mean without the flying iPod. We’ve all been there.

On top of that, being that it is part of the TRACEability line, it’s created through fair and sustainable processes and is made of 100% organic cotton. It’s a dope sweatshirt and its existence leaves less of an impact on the planet and those who inhabit it.

The only downside for the generally poor traceur is the €70.00 ($74 USD) price tag. While it may seem like a good chunk of change, it is competitively priced alongside other premium streetwear. The difference here is that this guy is made by sustainable production practices and organic material, which for me, is well worth the extra few bucks.

That all being said, this is hands down my favorite new sweatshirt.

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