The ETRE-FORT Comfort Zone 2.0 is a classy, almost all black, lightweight and extremely comfortable long sleeve henley.

ETRE-FORT partnered with Reimei AG to bring you the TRACEability line, part of the new EF collection that is 100% organic cotton, fair production, ecological fashion, CO2 nuetral textiles, and transparency through the whole production process.

Not only am I happy with the final product, but also by the process in which it was produced, and knowing that process is sustainable.








  • Suitable for any weather
  • Simple, minimal design
  • Sustainable production
  • Low end of premium price
  • Use as a full coverage blindfold


  • Premium price
  • Lighter material may wear and tear more easily



The “Comfort Zone 2.0” long sleeve is an instant classic. An almost all black long sleeve henley with a hint of silver-grey. How can you go wrong? You can’t. Simple yet classy. It sports two EF logos on the front (one chest left and one bottom right), one on the left wrist, and one the back left shoulder, that for me, screams Ed Hardy without the stupid. Will train in it, will perform in it, will wear it when I am out shooting on a high-end commercial photography project, on a dinner date, when at the club, and even when I’m laying around writing this review in my underwear because it is, well, obviously really comfortable. On top of that, it may be one of the most comfortable shirts I own. PS: I don’t club. But if and when I do, I’ll rock this shirt.

It also makes for a great blindfold during training. Otherwise, there’s not much else here. No pockets, no hood, and no need for there to be. It’s a damn henley, what more can you ask for? More henleys being the obvious answer.

On top of that, being that it is part of the TRACEability line, it’s created through fair and sustainable processes and is made of 100% organic cotton, with 97% of the shirt being made of it. It’s a dope shirt and its existence leaves less of an impact on the planet and those who inhabit it.

It’s priced at the lower end of the premium spectrum at €54.00 ($59 USD). Totally justifiable even for a broke practitioner who wants to support the Earth and good production practices.

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