The International Gymnastics Federation is trying to hijack parkour and we need your help to stop them!

This is a battle for the future of parkour!

FIG creates a sport that is identical or similar to the physical nature of parkour without our values and a different name (misappropriation). FIG now has authority and control over competitive formats, licensing, insurance policies, coaching certification, as well as governing rules and regulations. They now have the ability to use their existing governing and regulatory position to force their rules and regulations into our community-run businesses, competitions, and events.  Finally, FIG brings in values of gymnastics: removes our real-world obstacles and replaces them with simple structures and changes functional and biomechanically efficient technique for aesthetics.

APEX has already pulled out. FISE will include parkour events regardless. David Belle and Charles Perriere are collaborating with FIG President Morinari Watanabe without the prior consent of other members of The Mouvement. And practitioners from around the globe are already fighting! Will you join them?


It’s start with your name. Sign the petition on the top left  (desktop) or bottom (mobile) of this page to send an e-mail to members of the FIG to let them know that parkour is not theirs to govern – parkour is ours!


Use the drop-down box below to find your local FIG representative. Calling only takes a few extra minutes and can create a huge impact.  Call and let them know what you think or use the petition letter as a script.


Call FISE at and to let them know you do not support parkour being presented for FIG at the FISE World Series in Montpellier.



Here are a few official graphics that can be used on social media. Send them messages, post them, and tag them. Wherever FIG will see it and wherever they will get tired of seeing it. We need them to understand these words and we can’t let them avoid the fact. Follow the procedures below and make sure to use the hashtags:


#fightthefig #parkourisours #wearenotgymnastics


Your donation will ensure this petition and campaign reach as many people within and outside the parkour community as possible to help us fight the FIG and their encroachment and misappropriation of Parkour and Freerunning! Funds will go directly to support this petition’s social reach and other advertisements targeting FIG, their employees, and their audience.


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You can also support the campaign by linking to it via one of these snazzy yet powerful banners. Let the community and the world know that you are fighting for parkour and that FIG is not welcome here.


Download them directly or copy the HTML codes below:





Everything evolves, even parkour. It has changed exponentially since it left the founders and made its way around the world via the internet. We believe in free and open parkour, but that parkour should always belong to the practitioner. While we respect and thank the founders for passing down their philosophies and ideals, they are no more owners of this movement than you and I.


And we will stand our ground for the thing that we worked so hard to develop. All of the people, companies, and organizations below are standing with us:

Tell the FIG that even though parkour is free and open to everyone, parkour is ours!



Dear International Gymnastics Federation,

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Your donation will ensure this petition and campaign reach as many people within and outside the parkour community as possible to help us fight the FIG and their encroachment and misappropriation of Parkour and Freerunning!

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UPDATE #3 (5/24/2017): Due to the high number of 1-star reviews, FIG has removed their review ratings from their website.

UPDATE #2 (5/23/2017): 910 confirmed signatures and 2,000 total signatures collected (please confirm your signatures via email link). Raised half of our minimum campaign budget and video advertising has been deployed across Facebook in support of petition signatures for (10) days. FIG Instagram has been taken over by campaign images and our hashtags. Fig rating on Facebook has dropped from 4.2 to 3.7 stars.

UPDATE #1 (5/22/2017): 30% minimum campaign budget has been raised.

FIGHT THE FIG (AD): $50 – 43,622 people reached and 4,310 actions taken.