After getting off the phone with JUMP Freerun CEO, Mark van Swieten, it’s clear that JUMP Freerun has no direct involvement with FIG.

They were brought on to the project by Le Mouvement to build the course for the APEX INTL competition and it seems that APEX had been their main contact.

When APEX suddenly cut their partnership with FIG and pulled out of the FISE event in Montpellier, France, Jump Freerun was still contractually bound to complete the course design and provide the obstacles.

“We do not support the FIG and their actions against the community,” says Mark van Sweiten, going on to add, “We’re under contract and we’re just here to complete our job.”

Luis Alkim from JUMP Freerun has also openly shared his views about their involvement, the event, and situation at hand, which is a much more complex situation than most people may believe.



Following the event we will be reaching back out to JUMP Freerun for a follow up.

Visit the FISE World Series Montpellier 2017 website, Instagram (@fiseworld), and Twitter (@fiseworld) to follow the event and see how it unfolds.

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