+ Fantastic grip on all surfaces

+ Near zero break-in time

+ Wide, stable footbed

+ Spacious toe box

+ Price


Below average build quality

Weird additional foam on insole



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Despite a huge amount of growth potential, the parkour-specific shoe market has a multitude of options with minimal diversity.  Most new offerings seem to take a similar route: big heel drop, minimal ground feel, maximum protection, and non-existent style.  This is in spite of demands to the contrary from the community at large.  On top of this, there is minimal innovation as new releases often do their best to create near-identical copies of current, or past, mass-market shoes.  While imitation may be the greatest form of flattery, it’s also time for the parkour community to stop living in the past and start designing new shoes that work.  This problem-methodology may be how KO got its start, but with the release of the Gen 3, Drop, and Precision, they’re among the first to buck the trend.

After more than a month spent training and working in the Precisions, Alan collected his thoughts and sat down to share his experience with me.

Alan Tran

The grip of the Precisions’ outsole was great right out of the box. The shoes proved to be sticky on a variety of different surfaces including concrete, polished rails, unpolished steel scaffolding, bricks, and many others even when wet; grip was definitely not an issue on walls. While the Precisions excel at rough surfaces such as unsurfaced concrete, asphalt, rough brick, and bare metal. The shoe’s performance on wood, smooth brick, and painted metal was only about average, and I ended up taking away one point of grip on the review because the grip wears and tears early on in the life of the shoe.

I’m not sure why, but it seems that many, if not all, of the new KO’s have issues with fit.  I understand that there are fit differences between brands, but it is rare that a brand recommends customers purchase an entire size and a half away from their normal size.  Thankfully, KO is on top of the issue and does a good job warning customers on their online store. Even so, it may be wise to find a pair to try on before you buy.

Since we were shipped our shoes prior to public release, we were unaware of the issue and many of our athletes ended up with wonky sizes.  This is NOT KO’s fault, but it is something you should bear in mind as we review all the new models.

Alan Tran

Due to a last minute change of plans, I actually received a pair that was one size down from my normal fitting. In spite of this, the Precisions fit wide with little to no arch support.  They offer a great deal of flexibility and comfort but retain enough structure for the shoe to be useful.  If I were to compare them to another shoe, I would say that they’re like a wider, flatter Onitsuka Tiger with the primary difference being a  roomier toe box and more flexible sole. I will also mention that the wideness does take away from the shoe’s suitability to traversing and climbing, but does lend itself to running, jumps, and lifting.  If you want room for your foot to move but you still enjoy a snug fit, the shoes can be tied quite tightly.

KO has never been known for the durability of their shoes, but this time around they’ve certainly managed to create something that does a much better job of giving you some benefits in exchange for the durability tradeoff.

Alan Tran

It’s important to note that the support of these shoes CAN be great.  Tigers, which these are very similar to, will often collapse inwards as they wear out and these shoes definitely don’t have that issue.  Out of the box, the Precisions come with a weird foam wedge glued onto the bottom side of the insole. It was detrimental enough that I felt I had to subtract a point though because, for the two weeks I spent before taking it out, the shoes were very bouncy and didn’t have much ground-feel at all.  As soon as I took the wedge out, I really enjoyed the Precision’s minimal heel drop and improved flexibility.  It was only then that I felt I was able to fully take advantage of the minimal design of the shoe.

Overall, I found the build quality on these shoes to be below average…Better than Feiyues but incredibly lacking compared to other pairs of shoes you can find on the market at similar price points. The stitching was slightly below average.  Seam’s that normally last a while before they wear out were beginning to break very early on in the life of the shoe. Unlike Tigers, which I normally get a minimum of 6 months to a year out of, the sole was peeling off at the heel and toes in under 2 months.  I think it’s safe to assume that this is due to this being the first full run of the shoes and that KO will work out these issues in the future.

The KO Precisions definitely exceeded my expectations and KO has created a new favorite shoe for me.  The flexible sole, roomy toe box and versatile style are a great match for my lifestyle and should be good for any parkour athlete that enjoys training indoors or outdoors.  They are equally competent at running, jumping, climbing, or lifting on all types of surfaces. As they are very similar, I would highly recommend the Precisions if you’re a fan of Tigers.  Since the Tigers and Precisions are in a similar price range, KO will need to continue improving on the shoe’s durability and build quality to really compete at market level. In spite of this, I would strongly consider purchasing the Precisions again.

Francis and the crew over at KO were awesome enough to send MÜV Mag a pair of each of their new shoe models. We partnered up with 4 different athletes to put these shoes to the test. Our production team and each of the athletes involved was not paid in any way (except candy) for these reviews. We have done our utmost to remain neutral so that we can provide you with a fair and honest review.

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Photos + Video © Sean Endres

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  1. Zach

    Really enjoyed this in depth review of a shoe I’ve been eyeing. Should really do more reviews. I’m currently finishing my corridoes but they are too narrow. Hoping these are different. I have some really wide feet

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