Now that we’ve got your attention, we have some good news! MÜVMAG has always been a community-driven project and will continue to remain one regardless of what happens on the business end. Everyone who works for the magazine currently does so as a volunteer, and while we hope that within the near future we can achieve our goal of creating career opportunities within parkour, those opportunities will come as a by-product of our dedication to the discipline and the community that has built it.

We’re hoping to help centralize the discussion of parkour culture and continue to provide a space for voices to be heard, ideas to be presented, and change to occur. We want to continue bringing you stories that inspire, the most up-to-date news from around the world, and the experiences that have shaped athletes and made them who they are. A place to showcase not just the movement, but the art, music, fashion, and everything else that shapes and creates us.

As we grow, our platform becomes exceedingly more expensive to run, maintain, and populate with content, and we’re not looking to turn to heavy advertising or corporate investors to make it happen. We want parkour to stay in the hands of the practitioners and for this platform to do the same, but in order to achieve this, we need your help.

Help us to create the first parkour culture platform run by the community, for the community. Become a subscriber today, donate what you can, become a volunteer, submit content, share with who you know, and follow us on social media to join the movement!

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