Story ideas are created by both by the staff and freelance contributors. We accept pitches from people with advanced writing skills and those that can either produce or secure rights to high-resolution images or video for each story. At, we value both the storytelling and visual experience equally and have a very high standard for both. All stories produced through have to be parkour-related, inspired or something generally found within parkour culture (training, travel, fashion, health, philosophy, etc). We are looking for writers who can excite, engage and inspire readers and believe they have unique information that will continue the positive growth of the parkour community and our developing culture.


If you’ve already completed an unreleased story, film or photo series, please send manuscripts and high-resolution files via WeTransfer to



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What’s happening currently within our culture and community? Have you recently been involved, seen, or heard about a noteworthy event? Is there something notable, unusual, or bizarre happening within the community?


Great. Tell us.


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Want to showcase your work? We are currently accepting all media related to parkour culture (photography, video, art, music, fashion, etc.)


Please only use this form if you have the necessary rights to pass along to us. Otherwise, send us things you find using the ‘Suggest’ form.


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Yes, please! We love getting stuff.


Now here’s the deal: Just because we’re sent something doesn’t mean we’ll write a review on it. We will personally review it, and if we think it holds value to our community and readers, we’ll definitely give it a push. Otherwise, you can send us an advertising request.


Beware! We’re truthful, and while money won’t change that, it can buy you space for an honest opinion.


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While not everyone is an amazing writer, photographer or filmmaker, we know that you are talented in other ways.


Send us story ideas or topics you would like to see covered, new web features, platform ideas, links to stuff you find on the interwebs, or whatever else your genius can devise that you think would make this a better place.


Lend us your brain.


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While MÜV Magazine appreciates your time in sending us something, we simply do not have the time to respond to each individual submission.

All unsolicited pitches should be sent through the appropriate forms for review. It is unadvised to submit unsolicited pitches to MÜV editors or staff directly. Please allow up to 90 days for your submission to be reviewed. If we haven’t gotten back to you within that time, we’re not interested in that particular story.

All submissions should be directed to