Advertising across the MÜV Magazine platform connects brands with our diverse, global parkour culture audience.

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Captivating brand films and innovative advertisement features. Your story, crafted by MÜVMENT LAB and promoted across MÜV platform.

Co-created, shareable and powerful. Partnered content is paid commercial content produced by MÜVMENT LAB for use within the MÜV platform.

Sponsored content is MÜV platform editorial content that an advertiser pays to associate with. The content is commissioned by the MÜV editorial staff and is independent of the sponsor.

Promote your brand across MÜV platforms with image banners or video/image roll.

Banner: Frontpage story placeholder, top banner, right side bar or in-story placement available on all platforms.

Video / Image Roll: Available on all videos across the platform as pre/mid/post roll.

Give our subscribers benefits (product/service discounts, exclusive content) and promote your brand directly to our subscribers. Become a MÜV Magazine partner.

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