Advertising across the MÜV Magazine network connects brands with our diverse, global audience while helping us continue to run our platform.

Innovative advertisement features and compelling content produced by you for use across the MÜV network.

Co-created, shareable, and powerful. Your story, crafted by the müvment lab, and promoted across the MÜV network.

Promote your brand across MÜV platforms with image banners, text ads, video placements, or interactive content.

Get your message in front of your target audience by leveraging the use of our social platforms through targeted posts and account takeovers.

MÜV Magazine editorial content that is is independent of the sponsor but a sponsor pays to associate with.

We offer self-serve and custom sponsorship discounts for community run businesses and members of the parkour community to help support the growth of parkour. Contact us for more information.

Self-Serve Campaign

Create and launch a visual campaign that is scaled to fit your needs and meet the eyes of our audience. Our self-serve campaigns are a simple way for your brand to place web banners, text advertisements and video advertisements across our network.

Custom Campaign

Interested in publishing branded content or creating partnered content with us? Looking to associate your brand with content we’re currently making? Not seeing the options you’re looking for?


We can develop a custom sponsorship opportunity that will connect your brand with targeted audiences through the various creative mediums spanning across the MÜVMAG network.

Content Creation

müvment lab is a full-service creative agency producing the highest quality parkour culture content for use on MÜV Magazine or within other spaces.


We offer service discounts for members of the parkour community for projects published through and for outside projects to help support the growth of parkour. Contact us for more information.