Few people break the mold, Sai Ryunoshin is one of them.

On November 30th this year, Sai Ryunoshin from Okinawa, Japan, put out his 4th video, #Hi 20 Sai Ryunoshin Full part2020. People immediately praised Sai's attractive and carefree movement style and skill displayed alongside creativity. As soon as that video dropped, everyone could see how passionate and dedicated Sai really was to parkour and how much he can contribute to the sport. Sai is 18 years old and has been training for four and a half years. When speaking to him, he described his hometown community in Okinawa as a modest group, made up of 17 to 19-year-old students that all train together after school. He says that they tend to keep it pretty low key, but from what can be seen through their videos, it's safe to say that Sai is humble. As it turns out, the mix of people drawn into this group, and their surroundings, form the perfect petri dish to develop style and skill rapidly. The parkour community in Sai's pocket of the world evidently contains some of th
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