7LOW: Opposites Attract

Where metal meets trap.

Who are you as a parkour practitioner and as an artist? My name is Aaron Burns, and as an artist, I'm 7LOW. I started training in 2006, traveled around the world training and teaching. Currently, I'm at a gym called Elite Tumbling—that's where I have my parkour program, which has been running for six years now, and I teach some pop-up workshops as well. And besides that, I am a performer on the Milwaukee Bucks performance team. Been in the game a long time. What inspired your current sound and your shift from the hip-hop and pop sound of your previous work? I wanted to do metal music my whole life. Growing up, my brother always played guitar, and I had a drum set when I was younger, so I was always into metal, rock, alternative, and all that kind of stuff. There's something about it that seems more real to me when the emotional side comes out. I can still obviously share emotion through hip-hop, but it's a little different of a feeling—it feels m
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