Underdogs X Ed Chavez

So who the fuck are you?

Eduardo Chavez, 25 years old, I’m from Mexico and currently living in Mexico City. I like everything related to action sports and love hip- hop culture. I love listening to music at any moment I can and creating.

How long have you been training?

About 11 years.

Where did your training begin?

Parkour and breakdance. I don’t think they were separate processes. I feel it was a simultaneous love and motivation for both, even thought I have to work them with their own process and development. My first approach to hip hop culture was listening to Rap music which leads me to graffiti and breaking. Doing that with fellow breakers in my neighborhood, I got to know parkour and freerun.

So what about your training? What makes you tick?

I wake up to run, eat breakfast, work some conditioning and then I train on the things I feel I have to work on.

I feel like you involve a creative process quite heavily into your training and movement. Can you tell me about that process?

My inspiration comes from everything, not only from parkour or breaking environments but from all sources.

If you could give advice to others about developing themselves through movement, what would you tell them?

To do what they really feel.

What would your ideal training spot look like?

The world as it is.

If you could train with any 3 people anywhere in the world, who would it be and where?

Anywhere in the world with my brothers Rocko Rovira, Daer Sanhez and Raxe Gallegos.

Favorite kicks? What are you rockin now’adays?

Adidas Gasele.

I’m quite familiar with breakbeats as breakdancing was one of my my early movement passions. Who do you listen to most, both break or otherwise?

DJ Lean Rock, DJ FLEG, DJ Spray, DJ Vag, and Biggie Smalls.

And what about things not parkour or dance? Does any of that happen?


Where do you see yourself at in 5 years? What is Sweet doing with his life?

I don’t really think of myself in the future as I’m only in the present.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed my time here with the Mexican community. Sure, I feel every community has its ups and downs, but what are your thoughts?

There is too much talent in the streets and I feel there is a lack of unity among athletes in every way and the athletes should be more worried in being themselves and not just following trends or the superstars. I feel there should be more interest about the parkour foundations in the new practitioners.

So what do you have going on right now in life? And right this second?

I feel everything is happening now.

Last question. Where is Sweet heading next? Have anything planned we should keep our eyes open for?

I do want to do so many things like travel, film some videos and continue sharing. Soon I’ll be featured in a video for my team Urban Runners and in a secondary video project with my teammate Daer Sanchez.

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