So who are you?

My government name is Julius Andrew Porter.

Where are you from?

Good old Oxford North Carolina beau.

That sounds pretty bumpin’….

Or just Raleigh…’cause that’s where I train…Wait am I from where I train?

I think so…

We’ll say Raleigh then.

Whats the community like in NC?

Right now it’s scattered.  We don’t train outside, everyone just goes to gyms.  I usually can’t train with people outside because I’m so busy, but when I do want to…there’s no one who does that.

What are you doing right now?

Training for NAPC and working.

Where do you work?

Enso Movement.  First parkour gym in NC, I’m a coach and professional athlete…can I say that?

Are you a professional?


Are you an athlete?


Are you doing anything other than working at Enso?

I’m a student, I’m going to school at NCCU.  I’m studying mass communications.  Hopefully…do something with that I guess…

That isn’t the most enthusiastic answer I’ve ever heard.

I… parkour….more than I like school.

10-year plan?


Do you have a 10-year plan with your training then?

No, I’m taking parkour 1 day at a time….the furthest I have planned is NAPC this September

How’s your training been going for NAPC?

Really well.  I’ve been seeing gains like a pregnant mother!

That’s….you might want to see a doctor?

No…no they would tell me I couldn’t do parkour.

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