Julius Porter and Bear Schneider team up with photographer Chris Nieto on a photo shoot for Killa Clothing.

When life gives you a top-of-the-line wedding photographer who wants to branch out into sports photography, you go out and take some bomb-ass photos.  In our well connected, globally-minded, and travel-oriented community, it can be far too easy to obsess over what everyone else has on “their” side of the world: All the coolest spots, the best athletes, and the craziest lifestyle. Honestly, it’s all a bit ridiculous!

When Barrett and Julius first told me they had been approached by a photographer on Instagram I was, quite frankly, suspicious. I’m tired of parkour athletes not knowing their value and being exploited; I told Julius to be careful and not to do it for free. Looking back, I’m pretty glad he didn’t listen to me at all. Not only was Chris, the photographer, a true professional and amazingly easy to work around, he also cares about photography the same way we all care about our movement.

The result of their combined passions is some of the best parkour photography I’ve ever seen. Now, Barrett and Julius have awesome, professional photos for their own use. They also have a video showcasing how easy they are to work with, hopefully encouraging more people to hire them for a broader variety of work.  More important than all of that, though, is the fact they’ve made another step in the right direction for parkour by connecting, through art, with their local community, something a lot more of us could do.

Photographs © Chris Nieto

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