Underdogs X Julius

Bringing you the unknowns and underrated athletes from within the parkour world. Do you know Julius Porter? If not, now you will.

So who are you?

My government name is Julius Andrew Porter.

Where are you from?

Good old Oxford North Carolina, beau.

That sounds pretty bumpin

Or just Raleigh…’cause that’s where I train…Wait am I from where I train?

I think so…

We’ll say Raleigh then.

What’s the community like in NC?

Right now it’s scattered. We don’t train outside, everyone just goes to gyms. I usually can’t train with people outside because I’m so busy, but when I do want to…there’s no one who does that.

What are you doing right now?

Training for NAPC and working.

Where do you work?

Enso Movement. First parkour gym in NC, I’m a coach and professional athlete…can I say that?

Are you a professional?


Are you an athlete?


Are you doing anything other than working at Enso?

I’m a student, I’m going to school at NCCU. I’m studying mass communications. Hopefully…do something with that I guess…

That isn’t the most enthusiastic answer I’ve ever heard.

I…like parkour…more than I like school.

10-year plan?


Do you have a 10-year plan with your training then?

No, I’m taking parkour 1 day at a time…the furthest I have planned is NAPC this September.

How’s your training been going for NAPC?

Really well. I’ve been seeing gains like a pregnant mother!

That’s…you might want to see a doctor?

No…no, they would tell me I couldn’t do parkour.

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