Jason Paul and Emily Dyan Ibarra created the first freerunner’s sex tape during their recent trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. And while I may have exaggerated that a little, they did release the first ever sex scene within parkour and freerunning in No Mad Life.

And of course, controversy followed. A handful of people unsubscribed, as well as the usual bitching and moaning you find within the dreaded YouTube comments section. But for what? Sex?

We’re not supposed to be offended by sex. It is something that is ingrained within our very nature. Neither of them is being objectified within the video and they are shown throughout as strong, capable and confident human beings. People are offended by reality but ignore the falsified persona of love and sex that is fed through the media. But the media can’t be blamed. We run that shit.

But you probably came here to see this.



I see it as art, plain and simple. Humanity is also fucked. Time to move along now.

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