Sylcat: Spain’s Social Network

After talking with a friend about the community in Spain drifting apart (complete hearsay), as I’ve generally seen happen just about everywhere as time moves on, I stumbled upon this beautiful tool created by my friend, Aral Roca.

Sylcat is a tool, or rather, a group of free tools designed cautiously to suit all traceur and traceuse needs. In the comfort of your own home on in your smartphone while you cross the city, look who’s training and where. What do you prefer today? Something convenient near home? Or maybe training in a new place where to meet other traceurs and traceuses? And there is more. It is widely acknowledged that those who practice Parkour have a strong adventurous instinct. Traveling is an extension of our training. It allows us to learn other styles, discovering new obstacles and developing a more flexible mind, willing to learn and grow up. In Sylcat we know that and we create consequently.

Aral Roca

So even though I don’t live in Spain, I decided to create an account as I’ve visited before and plan to return for a longer stay hopefully this coming year. So I clicked the nifty “Continue with Facebook” option as I’ve always loved social connect as a way for registering with other websites, especially social ones. I did this for two reasons; 1. It allows for a quick, no-hassle registration, granted you’re already registered with a social network; 2. It posts the things I do if I allow it (in this case to Facebook) so that Sylcat can reach a wider audience.

Once registered, you’ll find yourself at this simple, yet well-designed website, that allows you to post training sessions and events, search and post for spots and connect with other practitioners.

And of course, it even comes with this beautifully designed profile page.

In short, if you live in Spain, create a profile on Sylcat. If enough people join, you can connect with all the people you regularly would on Facebook without all the clutter and cute cat videos, and hopefully, create a more tight-knit community.

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