The Club

Since the ripe age of 13, Nathan and I have looked to Andrew Obenreder as a mentor in many aspects of our lives. Whether it be movement, photography, or even our social lives, you can see a small glimpse of Andrew’s guidance. Naturally, when I moved to Colorado, these were the two guys I missed working with the most. But I didn’t step back and realize the benefit of working by myself. Without friends that even have cameras, I forced myself to think outside of the box instead of uncovering ideas with Andrew and Nathan.

After two years of practice, I was coming back and was ready to bring my newly found skills to the table. We had set a date and location; a vast overgrown meadow that was once the Churchill Country Club. Abandoned because of bankruptcy, this place is a photographer’s dream.

We arrived early in the morning and immediately began to appreciate the moment I was in and the people I was with. We immersed ourselves into this wonderland of nature and seemed to lose track of time at each spot we stopped. I felt pure joy and nothing else.

While I may have missed my friends, the most important lesson I learned is that you must be in the moment you are in and not in the past. And there is absolutely nothing better than basking in the sun with your two best friends, doing something that you love. Absolutely nothing.

Illustrations © Andrew Obenreder, Nolen Nareedokmai, Nathan Cephas

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