For some of us, this wasn’t a surprise.  As stated yesterday in Surrey Police News, “renowned” fitness photographer Paul Charles Corkery (EZ Styla) was sentenced to two years in prison after being convicted of two counts of sexual offenses.  Corkery was subsequently listed as a registered sex offender and hit with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, preventing him from working within photography without supervision for 10 years.


Paul ‘EZ’ Corkery, the former CEO of the original Urban Freeflow, was charged with one count of sexual touching and one count of Digital Penetration. And for the record, digital penetration has nothing to do with .jpegs or RAW.


Photography jokes aside, EZ has had a relatively sketchy past within the parkour community.  EZ is primarily remembered by the community for his questionable business practices, taking advantage of athletes, misrepresentation of the discipline, and just being generally disrespectful. This latest news of assault certainly doesn’t help make his case. For those who were well acquainted with EZ in the past, this news may not have come as much of a surprise.

We hope that this time gives Paul space to reflect not only on the damage that he has caused to the individuals involved but in the other aspects of his life that effected so many others.


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